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 Call anytime for more info   1-(800)-989-7361 


Please feel free to use the e-mail box at the bottom for any questions.

We do recommend you

call us to discuss the application and quantity and here's why.

Super Lime Plus is made from granular Ag lime that's been highly concentrated and then fortified with more soil amendments along with calcium nitrate, you may not need as much as you think.

There is NO CHLORIDE in this formula so you won't need 2 or 3 gallons per acre. 

Even if the soil hasn't been limed in a while or is in poor condition, or you just needs a boost, using

Super Lime Plus will cost you less per acre than any other liquid or granular and it will do more!


Send us your soil results

 We'd be happy to go over the results and discuss what the best option would be.

You may not even need Super Lime Plus, it could be a different underlying issue causing a problem. 

  E-mail us your analysis to this E-mail >>>

For other questions,  please use the E-mail box below.

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 Thank you for your interest in Super Lime Plus! 

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Ron Romanelli.

Direct Line 352-354-5407

Manufacturing Facility

 Lake Panasoffkee Fl 33538


Andrew Owens 

Direct 1- 800 - 989 - 7361 ( ext # 3 ) 

Urbana, OH 43078

Local delivery & Pick up available

John Easterwood 

Direct Line (256) 636-1743

Serving AL, KY, MS, TN, GA

Pick up locations in Cullman AL

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