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Because the calcium is helping the plant to bulk up, these bigger stronger plants can take in more sunlight along with more carbon dioxide and more moisture. Now here is the important part, when the carbon dioxide and the water are combined in the presence of light, the leaves produce oxygen and also …..SUGAR!

It is during the process of photosynthesis that sugar is created by the plant.

It is not added into the soil or converted into the soil by Ag lime itself.  The sugar is produced by the plant and is shared through its roots with the soil microbes that need it for energy. 


This energy helps microbes reproduce, break down organic matter such as crop stubble, and build a nutrient storage bank used for production, flowering, fruit set, and more. Most importantly, this energy helps the microbes convert and transfer nutrients back to the plant. (Better plant-feeding )






Why is carbohydrate sharing so important?

In order to grow, plants need nitrogen to make proteins, but they lack the ability to convert the nitrogen from commercial fertilizers and other sources into usable NITRATE. They also cannot convert nitrogen from the atmosphere for that matter. Nitrogen must be made into NITRATE in order for plants to use it.   

Why is SUGAR important in farming? 

Almost every soil analysis we come across these days recommends a ton or more of lime per acre. Many suppliers, farmers, growers, etc will tell you,


" you have to put out lime to raise the PH, lower the acid and " sweeten the soil ".


This is somewhat true, but not like adding sugar to a cup of coffee to make it sweeter, it's a lot deeper than that.

Focusing on the "sweetened soil " aspect of this, when lime dissolves, it releases calcium into the soil which is taken up by the plant. Calcium is vital for strengthening plant cells, cell function, and protein building to support strong growth. Calcium will also grab and carry other nutrients into the plant as it's being absorbed. With the extra nutrients, growth, new cells, and leaf structure, better photosynthesis by the plant will occur in part, because of the calcium... 

Now comes the sugar rush!

Symbiotic Relationship

The sugar content in plants is also known as the PLANT BRIX.

University Studies show.

  The higher the PLANT BRIX,

The higher the yield will be.    

Calcium plays a big role in this.

To overcome this obstacle the plant makes a deal with co-existing soil bacteria and fungi in whats known as the Symbiotic Relationship.


These soil microbes do have the ability to convert nitrogen quickly so the plant can feed,  however, the soil microbes do not have the ability to produce the carbohydrates they need for the energy to do the nitrate conversion. ( called nitrification. )


Carbohydrates are also not readily found in the soil and so nature created a win/win relationship for both plants and microbes! 


Plants create and share their carbohydrates energy with the soil microbes and they, in turn, convert the nitrogen into "nitrate" and share it along with other nutrients to the plant.

Again, the more carbohydrates available in the soil the better!

 Super Lime Plus is heavily fortified with Carbohydrates.

It's exactly what both the soil and plant need!!

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