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About Super Lime Plus

 Call anytime for more info   1-(800)-989-7361 

 Super Lime Plus has quickly become one the most trusted and recommend product in the southern states. Whether it's ROW CROPS or HAY & PASTURE it has proven year after year to deliver superior results for our customers. Our unique blending technology and scientific method give it unmatched power and performance!  
Super Lime Plus is different than other formulas, does more than just " sweeten the soil " , and it will DO MORE  for you than granular lime. It  Its fortified with a unique set of complex carbohydrates that provide ENERGY to your soil and further help to restore balance.
Super Lime Plus  goes to work immediately to provide long lasting performance! So powerful. that as little as one gallon per acre is all you'll need....No need for boosters or additives! 

Super Lime Plus ensures your plants use MORE of the fertilizer you apply ...Increase health and production !  All season long soil will stay active with no nutrient drop off !

Our Company
Environment & Sustainability

 Call anytime for more info   1-(800)-989-7361 

NLS inc. is a family-owned and operated fertilizer manufacturing company with well over 30 years of experience in the industry. We ALSO offer custom formulations of high-performance fertilizers and other soil amendments.


We have two facilities located in FL, with distribution locations in location in AL and Ohio.  We also can drop-ship directly to you.  


We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 100 gallons or more with discounts on smaller quantities. 


We can package in a variety of sizes including, 2.5 gal jugs, 5 gal buckets, 30 & 55 gal drums, and 275 gallon totes.

   Better Performance Products...NATURALLY! 


Our ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY allows us to blend HIGHLY Active biological N-P-K formulas without compromise.


All of our unique formulas include a complement of fish, seaweed, humic acids, Vitamins B-1, B-12, growth promoters, regulators, and molasses. Each formula also contains trace elements such as Boron, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Sulfur.

  when it comes to high performance innovative

 agricultural solutions,  NLS inc has been quietly leading the way!  

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